Let’s share with you how our VIP members have found the group so far and what’s been benefiting them… The group really does cater for everyone whether you ride for fun or are a serious competitor, we hope to help you all!

“‘Motivation is what gets you started’ that’s why I love the Sheepgate VIP lounge. The regular touch points from team Sheepgate keep me on track with rider body tips for suppleness, stretching and symmetry, thoughts on mental preparation, interviews with experts eg farriers and chiropractors along with test riding tips. Tempting exclusive deals in Sheepgate Tack and Togs and first dibs for places at Sheepgate camps make belonging a must for me. It’s inclusive and educational, whatever your discipline, fun too!”
– Ann Savage

“I now have a personal shopper the amazing Lily Payne – you’re so helpful! ….
So many top tips, training for horse and rider, reminding me to do my exercises, specialist videos, Sarah I love your chats on the sofa and I love the friendly interactive way they are delivered, it only feels like you’re just up the road, wish you were!”
– Caroline Paterson

“The VIP discount has saved me a fortune. The rider fitness posts are so beneficial in making me aware of how looking after and improving myself has such huge benefits to my horses and their way of going.
It will be invaluable entertainment through the current lockdown that we are facing. I’m pleased I’m already a member.” – Jess Parr

“I can honestly say, hand on my heart, the VIP lounge advice and tips helped me hugely when I went to Hartpury and became the Inter II winner… Seriously folks if you are serious about improving your riding and helping your horse, join, you won’t look back.” -Nicky Jennings

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